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Here you will find all information for our new Kion online learning platform KIONline.


KIONline offers online classes by videochat, video downloads of recorded sessions, a database of learning

resources and exchange with the KIONline community.



What you get

  • online live Sessions (German / English / mixed language)
  • maximum participants per session currently 11 people, for individual feedback instead of large conferences
  • video downloads of recorded sessions
  • a growing database of video links and PDFs related to the sessions
  • exchange with the KIONline community through a Slack workspace
  • monthly costs are 25€ (VAT might be added!)



  • Something to drum on without getting into fights with your neighbors, no matter if it's a table, cushion, practise pad, actual drum...
  • You need a computer, tablet or smartphone with internet connection (this is so obvious ;-). If you want to be seen and heard in the live sessions, you also need a webcam and a microphone.
  • Updated: We chat over Whereby, which is a simple to use videochat platform, that you can use in your browser (Google Chrome is recommended) or with the iOS apps.
  • Sessions will be recorded and made available only for the members of the KIONline community. If you don't want to be a part of the recorded session, you have 2 options:
    1. Take part live, but switch off your camera and/or your mic. You can still write questions in the chat.
    2. Don't join the live Sessions, only download and watch the videos later
  • You have to create a Slack account and join the Slack KIONline workspace. All communication, announcements and links for joining the online sessions will be posted only in Slack. →download Slack here
    You will receive an invitation to the KIONline workspace after you have filled out the registration form on this page and have done a payment by one of the two available methods.

Planned Sessions


Pieces taught in KIONline include Kion Dojo pieces, written by Ingmar Kikat, as well as pieces of Kaoly Asano (GOCOO) of Tawoo.


You have 2 possibilities to join KIONline: Bank transfer or Patreon

  Bank transfer Patreon
 Available for Anyone living in Europe who can do SEPA payments. Anyone who wants to pay and join KiONline through a monthly membership on Patreon.
How it works


Set up a monthly bank transfer to our account. The amount should be transferred until the 5th of each month 

Get a monthly membership for KIONline on Patreon. You can pay by credit card.

Monthly costs


25€/month (VAT might be added, depending on your location!)

Live group sessions

included in the monthly fee

included in the monthly fee


You can cancel on a monthly basis. Write us a message, if you want to cancel your KIONline membership.

You can cancel on a monthly basis through Patreon.


Any questions before you join? Please send a mail to


Join KIONline

Please be sure to fill out the form below first and then become a Patreon member!