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Pricing  💳

KIONline Standard Plan KIONline Saver Plan

Monthly costs:


Monthly costs:


  • livestream teaching (90 minutes, 2-3 sessions per month)

  • the livestream video archive and resources database

  • KIONline community Slack group and occasional video chat sessions (taiko talk & rhythm theory)
  • the livestream video archive and resources database
  • KIONline community Slack group

*final price may vary depending on payment method and VAT, minimum membership is 3 months, after that you can cancel monthly


Payment methods


 For monthly payments:

  1. Pay by bank transfer each month (only SEPA payments)

  2. Pay by becoming a KIONline Patreon member

Single Tickets:


(incl. VAT)


You can also purchase single tickets for individual livestream sessions without the Standard Plan. See the announcements for the upcoming sessions and follow the link for registration. Single tickets include a link to the recorded video of the session, shared with participants within 2-5 days after the session (no download, view only). 


Technical Requirements 💻

  • Something to drum on, cushion, practise pad, actual drum...

  • No need for a webcam or mic, unless you want to be seen or take part in the occasional video chat sessions.

  • For livestreams and small video chat sessions we use Whereby. You can use it in your browser (Google Chrome is recommended) or with the iOS apps. The platform of choice might change in the future.

  • We strongly recommend that create a Slack account and join the Slack KIONline workspace at All announcements and links for joining the online sessions will be posted in Slack. →download Slack here

  • You will receive an invitation to the KIONline workspace after you have filled out the registration form on this page and have done a payment by one of the two available methods.

Questions ❔

Any questions before you join? Please send a mail to


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