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Pricing  💳

KIONline Standard Plan

Monthly costs:


  • the livestream video archive and resources database
  • KIONline community Slack group

*final price may vary depending on payment method and VAT, minimum membership is 3 months, after that you can cancel monthly


Payment methods


 For monthly payments:

  1. Pay by bank transfer each month (only SEPA payments)

  2. Pay by becoming a KIONline Patreon member

Technical Requirements 💻

  • Something to drum on, cushion, practise pad, actual drum...
  • No need for a webcam or mic, unless you want to be seen or take part in the occasional video chat sessions.
  • Creating a Slack account and joining the at workspace is optional in order to take part at KIONline. →download Slack here

Questions ❔

Any questions before you join? Please send a mail to


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  3. If you choose to pay by bank transfer or Patreon?
  4. Anything else about you or your taiko background






Any more questions before you join? Send a mail!