Saturday, 27 October 2018 - 7:00 pm

Miralles Saal Hamburg

Mittelweg 42, 20148 Hamburg, Germany



KION DOJO - Hamburg

with Special Guests from TAWOO - Japan

CORITANI - England


TAIKO ZÜRICH - Switzerland

and more...


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Saturday, 27 October  &  Sunday, 28 October

with Kaoly Asano, Jonathan Kirby, Tsuchigumo Daiko & Coritani


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It’s time for another KionSai! Kion Dojo is back with thunder and groove and international support from some of the most innovative and creative artists from the taiko community. Together, they will carry the rhythm and the joy of drumming into every corner of the concert hall. Active taiko players as well as taiko fans can look forward to a fantastic festival!

Taiko Concert

Sa 27 October, 2018 - Miralles Saal

Kion Dojo - Hamburg

with Special Guests from TAWOO - Japan

Kion Dojo has been making taiko danceable and groovy since 2006, and has taken its modern style of taiko - infused with expression, joy and creativity - from the rehearsal rooms to the stage. This time, the performance teams of Kion Dojo will be supported again by members of the Japanese Tawoo Dojo, among them Kaoly Asano (GOCOO), a very special personality in taiko, who has developed a completely new way of taiko!


Coritani is the professional performance group from England's Humber Taiko Company. Coritani perform as a small ensemble and work with other musicians, artists and poets on collaborative projects. We are very happy to welcome them to KionSai!


Coritani not "only" play taiko, they are professionally trained musicians that creatively enrich their playing with singing and other instruments. On top of that, they are very active in their region, teaching a large number of local kids and adult taiko groups. Every year, their work is presented at their "Humber Taiko Festival", where Kion Dojo was invited to perform last year. The audience can look forward to not only intensive drumming, but also quiet and delicate sounds.


Tsuchigumo Daiko is an organisation based in central Scotland committed to the promotion and study of Wadaiko across the country and beyond, through classes, outreach, workshops, and performances. The group was founded in early 2016, by experienced taiko teachers and performers Martin Doyle and Shonagh Walker.


By drawing on a broad spectrum of musical and artistic influences, and with due respect to the history and traditions of taiko, the group seeks to create its own signature sound, punctuated by an exciting, creative, and highly energetic physical performance style.



We are looking forward to a guest performance of Taiko Zürich with Micah Wilhelm, founder of the wonderful Taiko Spirit Festival!


Collaboration pieces - join us on stage!

Do you want to play along in "Wanoichi" (complete version) by Kaoly Asano? If you can play Wanoichi, you can register to perform it on stage with us. Read more ↓ below in the workshop announcements! 


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KionSai Location, 27 October 2018 - Miralles Saal

Miralles Saal

Mittelweg 42

20148 Hamburg


Taiko Workshops

Sa 27 October & SuN 28 October

We are happy to announce KionSai workshops with some first class taiko teachers! There should be something for everyone here, regardless of your previous taiko experience!



After you ordered through the form, we will send you a confirmation with the payment info (please pay in advance by bank transfer). If you also ordered tickets in addition to workshops, we will send you your tickets as quickly as possible after we have received your payment.


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Cancellation policy

You can cancel your participation up to 14 days in advance without costs. After that, the cancellation fee will be 50%. Exception: Suggest a replacement. If you fail to cancel your workshop and don't show up, there will be no refund!

Collaboration pieces - join us on stage! 🤝

Please note: registration for Wanoichi has ended!


Do you want to play along in "Wanoichi" (complete version) by Kaoly Asano ? If you can Wanoichi, you can register to perform it on stage with us. If there is enough room on stage and drums are available, you will get a confirmation by mail, and your concert ticket will cost 17 € instead of 19 € ("collaborator ticket").


Please make sure you can attend the final rehearsal:


Fr. 26 October 2018 - 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm (time may change!!) @ Miralles Saal, Mittelweg 42 (concert location)

We will also provide you with video material of the complete version of Wanoichi, which is planned for KionSai (which is different from the ETC-Version!).


To register for the collaboration pieces, please choose the pieces in the registration form for taiko players!


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If you order tickets first and subsequently register for the collaboration pieces, we cannot change your ticket back into a collaborator ticket!


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This is the short ETC version. The KionSai version will be longer and slightly different!