KIONline Update July 2022

Due to a shift in our priorities the KIONline offering has ended! We don't plan any new live sessions and won't add any recordings in the future. If you are interested in the existing recordings, please get in contact through



to our online taiko learning platform KIONline


Hey people! The pandemic is over! Does online teaching of taiko still make sense then? It depends! There are clear downsides to it and also upsides:

⬇️ it‘s not live, you don‘t have the physical experience of playing with others in one room simultaneously

⬇️ you‘ll miss the sound and also the intensity of real drums (although we do the best to record ours with the best quality possible)

⬇️ it‘s on a screen, and you don‘t have a 3D sensation of the room

⬆️ you have 2 motivated online teachers, who bring all of their experience and knowledge into the sessions, to make them as enjoyable as possible, on the teaching as well as on the technical side
⬆️ you don‘t have to travel to Hamburg/Germany to learn taiko in a different way and feel than most taiko schools in around the world


KIONline is very unique! There‘s no place really like it. So come in and try it out! Do you want to do a free trial month? No problem! Just write us an email with a short introduction of yourself and your request!


What you get

  • access - the livestream video archive and resources database
  • exchange - with the KIONline community through a Slack group
  • support - Kion Dojo in spreading this great way of playing taiko


Ingmar "Ingu" Kikat has been playing and teaching taiko for over twenty years. He and his school Kion Dojo in Hamburg have been playing a vital role in spreading melodic and groovy taiko, inspired by the great Kaoly Asano from GOCOO/Tokyo throughout Germany and Europe. As a sought after workshop leader and a member of the new unheard of project Taiko Bastards, he brings taiko drumming to the next level. In the livestreams he will be teaching and co-teaching with Melski, another „Bastard“ and taiko maniac, as a role model for all other participants in how to groove and flow behind the taiko!


Find out more about Kion Dojo here:


Pieces taught in KIONline include Kion Dojo pieces, written by Ingmar Kikat, as well as pieces of Kaoly Asano of GOCOO and Tawoo. They stand out in the world of taiko with their natural energy and groove, coming from a relaxed body as well as melodic and polyrhythmic patterns, that create deep "jungles" of sound.



KIONline Standard Plan

Monthly costs:


  • the livestream video archive and resources database
  • KIONline community Slack group and occasional video chat sessions (taiko talk & rhythm theory)

*final price may vary depending on payment method and VAT, minimum membership is 3 months, after that you can cancel monthly

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