KIONline launch - online taiko lessons and resources

Here we are! It took a little while to prepare and it’s still not completely done, but we are ready to launch KIONline, a new platform for online sessions with Ingmar from Kion Dojo (that’s me).


First of all, this is a reaction to the Coronavirus pandemic and not being able to teach taiko without the help of the internet right now. But if things go well, this offer will continue after the pandemic is over. It depends on demand from the taiko community and how everything develops.


To make this offering available to people within and outside of Europe, there are 2 ways to pay and take part.

Everything you need to know is written right here, on the Kion website:


Please have a look and if you have any questions, please write a mail to 


Please note: The KIONline sessions do not include ELEVEN sessions, because these will now be taken over by Kaoly Asano and kaDON directly, without the involvement of Kion. But we do have other interesting stuff going on!


🇩🇪 Liebe Trommler aus Deutschland: Die Ankündung des KIONline-Angebots ist aus Zeitgründen noch nicht auf deutsch verfügbar, aber wir haben auch Online Sessions auf Deutsch, an denen ihr teilnehmen könnt. Schaut bitte auf die Ankündungsseite.